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Slide Out Rubber
Slide Out Rubber
Sold per metre of rubber. Please contact seller with images and metres of rubber required. We supply D-Seal/Bulb Rubber as well as 50mm/75mm Wipe Seal. We are also able to source a range of rubbers, please enquire.
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Single Compressor air brake kit
Single Compressor air brake kit
  • Air brake kit to suit hydraulic braked vehicles including; F Trucks, Chev, RAM, tractors & light trucks.
  • Popular with large 5th wheelers, gooseneck floats and plant trailers over 4.5t with air brakes.
  • This kit converts hydraulic brake signal to a controlled air output for use with air braked trailers. This Single compressor kit is designed to service a tandem axle trailer with small air brake boosters.. axle 1 - 12/16 spring brake boosters, axle 2 - type 12 booster. Larger boosters or triaxle trailer will require a twin compressor kit. The Kit is designed to utilise the existing park brake on the vehicle to apply / release the trailer air brakes.
  • Twin Compressor air brake kit also available.
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RV Entry Door Lock
RV Entry Door Lock
Black entry door lock available.
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Triple Entry Steps
Triple Entry Steps
  • This product replaces the typical USA standard triple step.
  • Housing dimensions: 700w x 400h x 300d
  • Triple step available in 7" or 9" rise, please specify when purchasing.
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EPDM Dicor Rubber Roof Coating
EPDM Dicor Rubber Roof Coating
  • White Acrylic Rubber Roof Coating by Dicor
  • 1 gallon covers 125 square feet
  • The Dicor Rubber Roof Paint is used to protect your roof
  • Dicor extensds the life of the material.
  • We recommend 2 tins for a 30' rubber roof. (this is enough for 2 coats)
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Slide Out Stabilisers
Slide Out Stabilisers

Features:Stabilizer jacks for camper slide-outs

U-Channel brackets straddle frame member for secure positioning

New folding handle allows jack to store in small compartments

Powder coated or zinc-plated parts resist corrosion

Height: 20" - 34" tall

Weight capacity (per jack): 10,000 lbs

Quantity: 2 supports

1-Year limited warranty

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BAL Tyre Locking Wheel Chock
BAL Tyre Locking Wheel Chock
Fifth Wheel or RV Wheel Chock manufactured by Bal Products Div by Norco Industries. Model #28000A
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Triple Wrap Sewer Hose
Triple Wrap Sewer Hose
  • Upgraded heavy duty 3"
  • 20" extended length.
  • Reduces to 8" in length.
  • Can store in rear bumper.
  • Does not come with fittings.
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JT Strong Arm Stabilisers
JT Strong Arm Stabilisers
JT Strong Arm Stabilisers. Eliminate chassis movement Bolt on kit contains 6 “strong arms” brackets & bolts
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Sale! Fifth Wheel Lube Plate
Fifth Wheel Lube Plate
Provides a buffer between a 5th wheel hitch and kingpin Easily fits on any standard kingpin Reduces normal wear and tear when towing Eliminates messy grease deposits on hitch plate Constructed from tough polyethylene
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Dexter Axle 12” Hub
Dexter Axle 12” Hub
  • Suits 12" x 2" backing plates.
  • 6 stud available.
  • 8 stud available upon inquiry.
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Dexter EZ Flex – 33″ Axle Centres
Dexter EZ Flex – 33″ Axle Centres
The kit includes:
  • 2 x rubberised rockers with 2 x grease nipples on each rocker – rubberised because both ends of the springs are fixed therefore jarring would occur if rocker was not rubberised – there would be no give.
  • 8 x brass bushes (these bushes go inside the eyes on each leaf spring)
  • 8 x shackle plates ½” thick (these are double the thickness therefore our bolts are longer) (the standard ½ U-bolt thread – electric brake system)
  • 12 x greaseable bolts – grease nipples on each
  • 2 x bolts for the centre rocker
  • Numerous amounts of nuts
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