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Dicor Adhesive
Dicor Adhesive
  • Water based bonding agent.
  • 1 Gal (4Litres in tin).
  • Best used with EPDM Rubber and TPO Membranes.
  • Store products between 10° to 15°  for maximum storage life.
  • EPDM Rubber and TPO membranes should be immediately rolled onto the adhesive. No waiting time is necessary. Care should be taken to minimize the air trapped between substrates.
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Venture Leg Gear Box
Venture Leg Gear Box
  NOTE: sample picture
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Lippert 18 Tooth Spur Gear not rated $132 View
Sale! Lippert Slide Out Hydraulic Power Pack
Lippert Slide Out Hydraulic Power Pack
  • 7Q - Vertical pump assembly to suit hydraulic slide out system on Fifth Wheel.
  • 12 Volt motor, forward reverse contact relay.
  • Vertical mounting bracket
  • Hydraulic oil tank.
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Lippert 15 tooth Standard Gear Pack
Lippert 15 tooth Standard Gear Pack
  • Replacement 15 tooth gear pack available.
  • 15 tooth gear is included with your order, If you have an 18 tooth gear you will need to purchase that separately.
  • Lippert 18 Tooth Spur Gear also available.
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MORryde Stepabove 4-Step Ladder
MORryde Stepabove 4-Step Ladder
Steps suit the following measurements:
  • Floor height 36" - 42" (from the floor of the trailer to the ground, must be level ground) & Entry door width of 27.75" - 28.25".
  • Each step rise is 8".
Other sizes available upon request. Will not work with roamsafe security doors.
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Sale! Reese Elite 25K Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
Reese Elite 25K Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • Suits USA OEM under bed PUK mounting system.
  • Bed receiver holes 13" (330mm) x 30" wide (775mm)
  • Height adjustable, 380mm , 410mm, 440mm.
  • Double pivot, removable hitch.
1 ONLY available, display hitch. No ADR approval  
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FWA7000 Hitch
FWA7000 Hitch
  • REMOVABLE Fifth wheel turntable.
  • Rated to 7000 kgs.
  • Height adjustable 410mm - 480mm.
  • Double oscillating pivot hitch.
  • Max vertical load 2700 kgs.
  • Attachable to industry standard cross rails.
  • Compliant in ALL Australian states are territories CRN: 50931.
  • Locking jaw closes automatically around king pin.
  • Latch handle locks automatically when locking jaws are engaged.
  • Extended handle keeps you out of the bed.
  • Pair of HD Rails included,1220mm long.
The ONLY ADR compliant turntable up to 7000 kgs available in Australia .
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Thetford Waste Ball Drive Arm Kit Style II
Thetford Waste Ball Drive Arm Kit Style II
The Thetford Aqua Magic Style II replacement toilet waste ball drive arm kit fits Aqua Magic Style II models. This is the GENUINE original replacement spare part.
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Euro Fifth Wheel Hitch
Euro Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • D Value of 12.65kN.
  • Dual Articulation.
  • Sturdy Design.
  • Adjustable Height from 330 mm to 432mm from truck bed.
  • 800kg pin weight
  • Rated at 4.3tonne.
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