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EPDM Dicor Rubber Roof Coating
EPDM Dicor Rubber Roof Coating
  • White Acrylic Rubber Roof Coating by Dicor
  • 1 gallon covers 125 square feet
  • The Dicor Rubber Roof Paint is used to protect your roof
  • Dicor extensds the life of the material.
  • We recommend 2 tins for a 30' rubber roof. (this is enough for 2 coats)
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Dicor Non-Sag Lap Sealant
Dicor Non-Sag Lap Sealant
Non-Sag Sealant is a high performance product which is designed for vertical and overhead surfaces. It is designed to seal joints & edging where roof meets the walls. Non-Sag Sealant is an extremely durable waterproofing sealant that remains flexible after it has dried.
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Slide Out Stabilisers
Slide Out Stabilisers

Features:Stabilizer jacks for camper slide-outs

U-Channel brackets straddle frame member for secure positioning

New folding handle allows jack to store in small compartments

Powder coated or zinc-plated parts resist corrosion

Height: 20" - 34" tall

Weight capacity (per jack): 10,000 lbs

Quantity: 2 supports

1-Year limited warranty

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Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner
Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner
Safe for regular use on all RV roofing and exteriors. Contains water-softening agents to combat hard water spotting. For use on RVs, boats and personal watercraft.
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Lippert Schwintek Repair Kits
Lippert Schwintek Repair Kits
The kits includes:
  • 2 x tracks 1085mm long (upper & lower).
  • 2 x bearing blocks (upper & lower).
  • 2 x spur gear cogs.
  • 2 x nylon bearings
Lippert Slide Out 300:1 Motor sold separately.
  • Please specify  whether you require a LEFT or RIGHT slide out repair kit. Left or right can be determined by viewing the fifth wheeler from the outside.
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Lippert 18 Tooth Spur Gear not rated $132 View
Sale! Lippert Slide Out Hydraulic Power Pack
Lippert Slide Out Hydraulic Power Pack
  • 7Q - Vertical pump assembly to suit hydraulic slide out system on Fifth Wheel.
  • 12 Volt motor, forward reverse contact relay.
  • Vertical mounting bracket
  • Hydraulic oil tank.
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Lippert 15 tooth Standard Gear Pack
Lippert 15 tooth Standard Gear Pack
  • Replacement 15 tooth gear pack available.
  • 15 tooth gear is included with your order, If you have an 18 tooth gear you will need to purchase that separately.
  • Lippert 18 Tooth Spur Gear also available.
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Lippert Slide Out Room Roller & Bracket
Lippert Slide Out Room Roller & Bracket
These Lippert support rollers & brackets are designed to be installed under the slide out floor of the lippert schwintek system. This enabling smooth slide out travel, and support for your slide. Length = 13.5 cm Width = 4.5 cm Height = 3 cm
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Assist Handle
Assist Handle
  • The handles come with the mounting hardware already attached. Simply screw them into the location you wish to install them.
  • It adds stability and convenience for your Fifth Wheeler.
  • The pivot feature enables the handle to be folded out of the way however this handy handle will be locked in place for stability when in use. 
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Slide Out Corner Mould
Slide Out Corner Mould

These slide out corner moulds attach to the corners of the slide out.

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