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Single Compressor air brake kit
Single Compressor air brake kit
  • Air brake kit to suit hydraulic braked vehicles including; F Trucks, Chev, RAM, tractors & light trucks.
  • Popular with large 5th wheelers, gooseneck floats and plant trailers over 4.5t with air brakes.
  • This kit converts hydraulic brake signal to a controlled air output for use with air braked trailers. This Single compressor kit is designed to service a tandem axle trailer with small air brake boosters.. axle 1 - 12/16 spring brake boosters, axle 2 - type 12 booster. Larger boosters or triaxle trailer will require a twin compressor kit. The Kit is designed to utilise the existing park brake on the vehicle to apply / release the trailer air brakes.
  • Twin Compressor air brake kit also available.
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Dexter Axle 12” Hub
Dexter Axle 12” Hub
  • Suits 12" x 2" backing plates.
  • 6 stud available.
  • 8 stud available upon inquiry.
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