All manufacturers assign their vehicles with a maximum towing capacity. The only manufactures who recognise gooseneck or 5th wheeler towing as a higher towing capacity are the USA Ford , Chevrolet & Dodge Ram. Generally, in the USA, the higher gooseneck tow capacity is about 800kg higher than the rated bumper pull capacity (normal trailer).

However, the most popular Australian vehicles such as Landcruiser, Ranger, Colorado and similar utes have a 3.5 tonne tow capacity only. Don’t look for an official higher rating for fifth wheel/gooseneck, as it does not exist. Until Australian manufacturers set a new figure, we have to use common sense.

For example, if you are towing a gooseneck trailer with a Landcruiser, fully-loaded at 4 tonne, are you towing 3.3 tonnes and carrying 700kg on the vehicle? This is the question only you can answer and Australian authorities will not confirm.

The only certainties we can endorse are:

  • Don’t exceed the manufactures GVM, paying particular attention to the maximum rear axle weight when the gooseneck is attached and loaded.
  • Don’t exceed the manufactures GCM (gross combination mass).

At Fifth Wheelers Australia, we specialise in the conversion of American style RV’s (or 5th Wheelers) to Australian standards. We have a large yard full of new and used fifth wheelers as well as stocking a large range of accessories and parts.

A Fifth Wheeler is a gooseneck style caravan with the ability to attach to a tow truck or ute using a hitch. Have a browse through our new and used fifth wheelers to see for yourself.

Absolutely. We work hard at Fifth Wheelers Australia to make your unit is completely Australian regulations compliant and meets every standard.

Yes, we sure can! Give us a call and we will discuss your options for having your insurance repairs done through us.